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In the hotel and catering industry, online reviews have long been mandatory but employers, local service providers and marcus evans itself also have to deal with the phenomenon of performance reviews. Even those who do not actively market on the internet can be evaluated and win or lose possible new customers as a result of online reviews.

A recent marcus evans study on the subject shows that consumers, who search the Internet for local services, increasingly use online reviews as part of their purchase decision. Nearly all marcus evans reviewers / respondents said that they trust online votes - at least if the assessment tools make a serious impression.

Online Reviews have gained great importance in the commerce and service sectors, with small and medium sized businesses benefitting from this form of virtual word of mouth. It’s clear that consumers are increasingly reliant on online reviews to determine the quality of a local service provider.

Findings of marcus evans Reviews Study:

How many online reviews and recommendations does a company need to qualify as a trusted service provider?
Most users read between two and ten online reviews until they’re convinced of the quality from a local company. This however doesn’t mean that it’s enough to have only 10 reviews on the internet. The more reviews you have online, the trust worthier you appear with 4 stars from 100 people counting more than 5 stars from only 15 people.

Would consumers change their opinion about a local service because of online reviews?
More than half of consumers said, that they’re more confident in a company if it got positive online reviews. This confirms what the marcus evans Group has previous pointed out: the purchase decision doesn’t only depend on glossy brochures and flyers, but also on previous customer experiences.  The way to make gains in both revenue and reputation is to Bring your customer services into shape and let your satisfied customers know where they can rate their overall experience.

To what extent do online reviews affect decision making?

Online reviews and recommendations of satisfied customers are hugely important for the acquisition of new customers on the Internet. With online reviews being more important than price and distance, which enforces that customer acquisition, heavily depends on previous customer experiences. With online reviews being as trustworthy as personal recommendations - at least if perceived as authentic.

Online Reviews and recommendations can clearly help you to win trust. This is not surprising, with the Internet being used as a directory and reviews giving consumers a quick and easy indication of the quality of a local service provider.

Latest marcus evans Reviews:

“A good event including senior members for most of the SCF leaders in the Banking world.”
HSBC, Global Trade Advisory

 “Excellent event, very well organized, presenting a remarkable pannel of experienced HSE professionals from extremely diverse and interesting businesses.”
LISI Aerospace, Director, HSE & Industrial Risks

“I am delighted I have attended this conference. The possibility to meet MDM praticioners from other businesses and not to be intimidated by vendors - PRICELESS. Seeing that what is being done in our business is not that far away from general route other companies took is very encouraging. And growing MDM network with likeminded people a cheery topping the cake.”
British American Tobacco

marcus evans Indian reviews and feedback

marcus evans Indian conference reviews 4.3 out of 5 based on 106 user reviews.

5th Annual Construction Risk Management: Innovate & Optimise
"The conference was really Informative and Practical. The Topics covered were exhaustive and the speakers were really good. "
4* by Ruchi Realty Holdings Ltd. on 08 November 2014

5th Annual Construction Risk Management: Innovate & Optimise
5* by SVPL on 06 November 2014

7th Annual Rural Marketing: The Next Big Revolution
"good spectrum of knowledge"
4* by JC India Limited on 18 August 2014
GM & Head, Rural Business

7th Annual Rural Marketing: The Next Big Revolution
"Great event for networking!"
4* by Sproxil on 18 August 2014
Regional Sales Manager

7th Annual Rural Marketing: The Next Big Revolution
"It was very insightful. I got a chance to meet and interact with some key decision makers."
5* by IMImobile on 16 August 2014
AVP Sales

7th Annual Rural Marketing: The Next Big Revolution
"A very good platform for connecting with leading experts"
4* by IMImobile on 15 August 2014
Product Manager

7th Annual Rural Marketing: The Next Big Revolution
"Very well organized."
3* by HAI-Nissan on 14 August 2014
Director-Marketing & Sales

7th Annual Rural Marketing: The Next Big Revolution
"Good conference with a superb presentation from top industry leaders. Also important were the new solutions which were presented"
4* by Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd on 14 August 2014
Head Sales

7th Annual Rural Marketing: The Next Big Revolution
5* by Marico Ltd on 14 August 2014
Head - Trade Marketing

7th Annual Rural Marketing: The Next Big Revolution
"Very well conducted event. Great participation from all delegates."
5* by Kirloskar Oil engines Ltd on 14 August 2014

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